Latest Sunday Bulletin

Bulletin for May 19, 2019


We are glad to be with you today! Do stick around after our worship service for lunch and fellowship.

Many Thanks

Thanks to our members who provided the snacks for today! And thanks to everyone providing meals for our families with newborns!

Special Prayer Request

Mrs. Kye-Sook Won, a Korean-speaking member of our church, now has a very limited time left on this earth. Let us pray for her as she looks forward with faith to her resurrection on the Day of the Lord. And let us keep her family members in our thoughts and prayers.


Ah-Hae S graduated from Northern Illinois University (grad school) on May 10! Joshua K graduated from North Park University (grad school) on May 11! Chris C graduated from the University of Illinois on May 12! Pastor James and Pastor Peter graduated from Moody Bible Institute on May 18! John L will be graduating from Stevenson High School on Friday, May 24! And Christine C and Samuel L are getting married on May 25!

Lunch Cleanup

Please note that it is our turn this month to help with lunch cleanup.

Snacks Next Sunday

Grace C & Joshua (main), P. Abe (sides), P. Peter (drinks).

May Birthdays

Happy birthday to Grace C (9th), Isabel (15th), Mina (17th), Seungha (25th) and Isaac (27th)!!!